How do I change plans?


There are two ways of upgrading a plan, either to a longer subscription type or to a Family Plan.

Most upgrades can be purchased by going to our purchase page.

Pricing reflects a pro-rated credit for the balance remaining of your previous purchase. The displayed price is in addition to the previous plan. The full duration (e.g. 2 years) of any new subscription begins from the date of upgrade.

If you purchased your subscription through Apple or Google Play, you'll need to cancel your auto-renewal before you can upgrade. This may take a few hours to update in our system, but you should be able to upgrade normally as instructed above. Please view our article How do I turn off my auto-renewal for cancellation instructions.


Downgrades, such as going from a Family Plan to an Individual Plan or from a Two-Year Plan to a One-Year Plan, cannot be processed automatically. However, we're happy to refund any charge within 30 days of a purchase, so that you can purchase a different plan. Please email us to help you with a refund. Subscriptions more than 30 days old cannot be downgraded until the current subscription expires. To downgrade after expiration please turn off auto-renewal. After your current subscription ends, you can choose a new subscription on the purchase page. Your training history and settings are saved onto your account independently of your subscription status, so you'll pick up right where you left off even if there is a lapse in subscription.

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