What happened to Mindfulness?

We recently made the decision to remove the Mindfulness activities from our Brain Training app. Over the past year, Mindfulness grew from a handful of sessions to over 100 unique meditations. We put a lot of hard work into creating these new experiences, so we wanted to give Mindfulness its very own home.

You can continue your journey with Mindfulness by downloading Lumosity Mind from the Apple App Store.

Download Lumosity Mind for iOS here or by searching "Lumosity Mind" in the App Store.

Please note: due to the size of the app, it is best to download and install when connected to a WiFi network.

If you have trouble installing the app, you may not have enough space on your device to download the app. Try uninstalling other apps that you are no longer using and deleting unnecessary files.

Having trouble with the Lumosity Mind app? Check out this troubleshooting article.

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