Are there color blind settings for Lumosity games?

We know that a number of our members may have some form of color blindness. So, we try our best to design our games with this in mind, but we understand if some of our more colorful games can be difficult for our color blind members.

Inclusivity is an important value to us and we're constantly working on ways to ensure all of our members can train with us. Currently, Premium members can swap out a particularly difficult game with a completely different game. Free members are welcome to skip the game and play the other games available via the Games tab.

Chrome users can also install an extension that changes the color settings. We recommend using Color Enhancer by Google which can be added to your Chrome browser through the Chrome Web Store.

Both iOS and Android devices allow their users to adjust color settings to accommodate color blindness, too. iOS users can turn on Color Filters on their device to help differentiate between colors. Android users can set up Color correction on their device to help compensate for color blindness.

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