I received a game unlock link, but the game is not unlocking on mobile. What do I do?

If you recently received an email or mobile message inviting you to unlock a game or Mindfulness course, and you're having trouble unlocking the activity on your iPhone, iPad, or Android, you may have an older version of the app.

Please update the app using the link below:

After updating, try the link again. If you lost the link, just email us and let us know what game you were trying to unlock.

Still having trouble?

If you're on an older operating system, you may not have the latest app version available. Check out this article to see if your operating system is eligible for updates.

iPad users: If you don't see an update available, check out this article about switching to the new iPad app.

Please note that a select number of our games, and all our Mindfulness activities, are only available in English. See how to change your app language.

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