How do I add or remove Favorite games?

*NOTE: This feature is only available to paid subscribers.

Subscribers have the option to mark games as favorites in the Games section. On the website, you'll be able to find your favorite games at the top of the page. We'll use your favorite games for our Favorites workout type. Favoriting games will not affect other workout types.

How do I add or remove favorite games on the website?

  1. Visit the Games page and under Your Favorite Games click Add or Edit.
  2. Select each game you would like to favorite. Selected games will appear with a red heart.
  3. To remove a game from your favorites, click on the game icon to remove the heart. You'll see a dotted outline after you've deselected the game.
  4. Make sure to click the orange Save Changes button.

The Favorite feature does not allow you to favorite games for which we have a newer version. This is meant to encourage you to play the newer version of the game. 

How do I add or remove favorite games on the app?

  1. Visit the Games tab, and then tap on a game that you'd like to favorite.
  2. On the pregame screen, tap the heart icon to the right of the name game so that it turns red.
  3. To remove a favorite, tap the heart again to turn it grey.

Games favorited on the app will sync with the website, and vice versa. 


For instructions on removing a game from your training session on the website, check out this FAQ.

For instructions on modifying your training preferences for Classic workouts, check out this FAQ.

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