What are Workout Modes?

*NOTE: This feature is only available to Premium members.

We have different workout modes, customized to meet your specific training needs. On your home screen you can choose from the following workout types:

  • Classic: get a set of games based on your training habits and preferences. This is the same type of workout our system has been generating for you previously. If you don't want to choose, just select this default mode!
  • Favorites: treat your brain to the games you play the most. These workouts are more likely to include games you play frequently as well as games that you have Favorited.
  • Strengthen: play your weakest games and raise your low game scores. The games selected will be more likely to include some of those for which you have lower LPIs.
  • Quick: race through short games in 8 minutes or less. This type will exclude games that take longer to complete and emphasizes shorter, timed games.
  • Language: build your vocabulary, train your reading skills, and more with all 5 of our new Language games. This workout will not affect your LPI, but instead you'll earn words towards your words covered.*
  • Math: Challenge your estimation and calculation skills with our Math games.*

*This mode is only available on mobile with the app language set to English.

Please note, the workout types will increase the likelihood of seeing certain games, but in order to show you a variety of games and provide a balanced workout, you may still see some games that you do not prefer in the Favorites workouts, games you do not find challenging in the Strengthen workouts, and longer games in Quick workouts. You can play one of each Workout Mode per day.

See how to add or remove favorite games.

See how to remove a game from your training sessions.

See how to modify your training preferences for Classic workouts.


We welcome your feedback about workout modes! Feel free to send us an email with your suggestions or questions.

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