How do I clear my browser's cache and cookies?

If you are having trouble purchasing, games are lagging, or the game or website not displaying properly, clearing your browser's cache and cookies may help.

Click on your browser below for instructions on how to clear cache and cookies for Lumosity.

chrome60transparent.png Chrome

  1. In Chrome, click the menu (⋮) in the top-right corner.
  2. Hover over More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data. 
  3. For time range, select All time. Make sure that Cached images and files is checked, uncheck the boxes for Cookies and Browsing history, and then click Clear Data. Quit and reopen Chrome.
  4. Next, to clear your cookies, type chrome://settings/siteData?search=cookies into your address bar
  5. In the search box, enter Lumosity.
  6. Click the trash can icon to the right of each entry, or click Remove all shown and then Clear All.
  7. Quit and reopen Chrome.
    See detailed instructions for deleting specific cookies.

edge60transparent.png  Edge

Please note, this will clear cookies for all sites, which will log you out. You can use a different browser if you prefer not to clear your cookies. See our supported browsers.

  1. Click "..." in the top right corner of the browser.
  2. Click on Settings, then scroll down to Clear browsing data and click Choose what to clear.
  3. Uncheck Form data and Passwords, and make sure that Cached data and files and Cookies are checked.
  4. Click the Clear button.
  5. Press "..." again to close the menu. Then close and reopen your browser.


firefox60transparent.png Firefox

  1. Select the menu in the top right corner (≡) and click Preferences or Options.
  2. Click Privacy & Security from the lefthand menu.
  3. Under Cookies and Site Data, click Clear Data. 
    To clear cache and all cookies, leave both boxes checked and then click Clear.
    To remain logged into other sites, you can uncheck the box for cookies and just clear your cache, and then clear your cookies for Lumosity only:
  4. Under Cookies and Site Data, click Manage Data.
  5. Enter Lumosity in the search box, and click Remove All Shown, then click Save Changes.
  6. Restart your browser.

safari60transparent.png Safari 

Safari 8+

  1. Go to the Safari menu and click History.
  2. Select Clear History..
  3. Select all history and click Clear.
  4. Close and reopen your browser.

Safari 7

  1. Go to the Safari menu and click Preferences.
  2. Click Privacy.
  3. Under Remove all website data click Details.
  4. Enter Lumosity in the search box, and click Remove All.
  5. Close and reopen your browser.

If you have further trouble, check out troubleshooting steps for lag.

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