How do I clear stored passwords?

Your browser may have passwords stored automatically. If you would like to remove your saved password for Lumosity, click on your browser below for instructions.

newchromelogo60px.png Chrome

For more detailed instructions see Chrome support.

  1. Select the Chrome menu in the top right corner of the browser.
  2. Click Settings and then click Autofill and passwords on the left of the page.
  3. Click Google Password Manager to see a list of all the usernames and passwords that have been saved.
  4. Enter "" in the search bar to filter out other websites.
  5. Click the Lumosity entry and then click Delete.

newfirefoxlogo60px.png Firefox

For more detailed instructions see Firefox support.

  1. Click on the menu (≡) in the top right corner of the browser and then click Passwords.
  2. Search for on the left-hand side and select it.
  3. Click the Remove button and confirm. 

newsafarilogo60px.png Safari

  1. Select the Safari menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Click on the Passwords tab.
  3. Enter "Lumosity" into the search bar to filter out other passwords
  4. Select the entries for
  5. Click Remove and then confirm your choice in the next window.

newedgelogo60px.png Edge

  1. Click "..." in the top right corner of the browser.
  2. On the Profiles tab (the default view) click the Passwords option.
  3. Search for the and select it.
  4. Click Delete

If these steps did not resolve your issue, please email us. Please let us know what troubleshooting steps you have already tried.

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