How do I update the Lumosity app?

We’re constantly working to improve our mobile app, so it’s important to make sure you have the current version. In addition to new games and features, updating the app will often solve any issues that you are experiencing. See below for instructions on updating the app on your device.


Find Lumosity in the Play Store and tap Update.

iPad & iPhone

Find Lumosity in the App Store and tap Update.

If you have an iPad, make sure you're on our new version of the app. See how to get our new iPad app.

Please note: due to the size of the app, it is best to update when connected to a WiFi network.

If you have trouble installing the app, you may not have enough space on your device to download the app. Try uninstalling other apps that you are no longer using and deleting unnecessary files.

Please note, some games and Insights are only available if your device is set to English.

Having trouble with the app? Check out this troubleshooting FAQ.

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