Why am I missing games on the Lumosity app?

The first time you open the Lumosity app after downloading or or after updating, the app will begin automatically begin downloading any additional games available. Currently there are 34 games on iOS, and 35 games on Android. Not all games available on the website are available in the app at this time. Your device must be set to English to show all of the games.

If the app is not completely downloaded, or if you are missing games, the problem may be:

  1. Something went wrong. Try restarting your device.
  2. You don't have a strong internet connection. Check to make sure that you are connected to wi-fi or have data enabled. 
  3. You don't have enough space on your device to download the app. Try uninstalling other apps that you are no longer using and deleting unnecessary files.
  4. On Android, the Download Manager may be disabled. Go to Settings, look for Download Manager, and if it shows Disable, tap that to enable this feature. If you do not see it there, go to Application Manager, select All apps, then select the menu in the top right corner and select Show system apps. 

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