How do I direct the trains in Train of Thought?

In Train of Thought, you want to direct the oncoming trains to their matching colored station. To direct the trains, click on the circled area of the track to change the direction of the track. You do not need to click on the train or the station to play the game.

In the example below, you need to click on the track above the red station to direct the train to the red station instead of the black station.

In the next round, to direct the black train to the black station, you need to click the same track to direct it back to the black station:

Once you reach level 8, some of the trains and stations will be two colors. This is done to increase the difficulty of the game. For these trains, the same rules apply and you should direct the train to the station that has the same two colors. In the picture below, the blue and black train is being correctly guided to the blue and black station.

Train of Thought is an Attention trainer and aims to improve focus and avoid distractions. The goal is to look ahead as much as possible and switch the tracks in advance to ensure that all the trains will follow the path to the correct stations. If you click too many times too quickly, the tracks may not stay in the direction you intended. Make sure to click on the track once to change the direction. 

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