How do I change the types of games in my Classic training sessions?

*NOTE: This feature is only available to Premium members.

You can modify which games you get in your Classic training session by adjusting your Training Preferences. If you would rather select specific games to play, you may do that from the Games Page.

Additionally, you can select different types of workouts. Learn more about Workout Modes.

There are 3 different ways to alter what games will appear in your workouts:

Training Preferences

Here you can rank the 5 different Cognitive Areas in the order in which you would most like to work on them. Simply drag and drop them in your order of preference, with top being the most preferred. Games in your preferred cognitive area are more likely to appear in your workout, but they are not guaranteed to appear. In order to provide a balanced workout, we select a variety of games and cognitive areas. Language and Math games are available in specific Workout Modes.

Training Type

There are two different training types, Standard and Advanced.

  • Standard this training type contains our classic workout and is what all Lumosity members start on. 
  • Advanced will introduce some of our harder games like Memory Match Overdrive. Being in this training type will not change how you are scored on Lumosity.

Other Training Preferences

Under this section, you can choose to exclude certain types of games from your training.

  • I am not a fluent English Speaker will take out games that are word based, like Word Bubbles Raising
  • I am color blind will exclude games that are generally harder for the most common forms of colorblindness will be removed from your training sessions.


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