Why does Playing Koi not respond?

Playing Koi Mobile on the Lumosity app

For Playing Koi Mobile, the goal is to feed all the fish and to keep track of which fish you have been fed already, so that each fish is fed once. Tap on a fish to give it a pellet. Remember which fish you've fed. You only have 1 pellet per fish.

You must wait between feeding each fish, and the amount of time is indicated by the timer at the bottom of the screen. After clicking on a fish, the orange timer circle will refill and once the orange circle is highlighted you can tap to feed another fish. If you tap a fish before the time is up, the timer will shake back and forth.

You may also view a tutorial on how to play the game by clicking on the (?) question mark icon next to the Play button, or during game play, tap the pause button in the top left corner and then tap How to Play. All games have this icon and a tutorial.

Playing Koi on the website

Playing Koi may seem unresponsive when you click a fish if you have not waited the required amount of time. When you click a fish, you will have to wait a number of seconds before you can click the next fish. A timer outlined in yellow will appear where you clicked and will count down the seconds before you can click another fish. The game will not respond if you try to click a fish before the timer is done counting down.  

In the screenshot below, the player must wait 2 seconds before they can click the next fish.


When you are able to feed the fish, your cursor will turn into a piece of food like in the screenshot below.


Once you reach level 2, decoy fish will be introduced to the pond along with the Koi fish.  These fish are distractions. DO NOT click them as they cannot be fed.  

The grey, speckled fish is the decoy fish in the screenshot below.


If you are playing the game correctly but are experiencing some lag, we suggest you try clearing your cache or using another browser.

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