How can I turn sound on or off when playing Lumosity games?

Playing on a PC or Mac Computer?

Game audio on the website can be turned on or off at any time by clicking on the speaker icon directly below the game. This setting will be applied to all other Lumosity games as well.

The sound icon on the right looks like this when audio is turned on:


The icon will have a slash through it when audio is turned off:


Using the Lumosity app for iPad, iPhone, or Android?

Currently, there is no mute setting on the Lumosity apps for iPad, iPhone, or Android device, so you won’t be able to mute Lumosity without silencing or turning down the volume on your device. The apps are controlled by the master volume setting on your phone. Turning the volume all the way down or using the mute switch will ensure that the app and your device will remain silent.



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