How can I turn sound on or off when playing Lumosity games?

PC or Mac Computer

Game audio on the website can be turned on or off at any time by clicking on the speaker icon directly below the game. This setting will be applied to all other Lumosity games as well. If you're using an iPad, iPhone, or Android, skip ahead to the sections below.

The sound icon on the right looks like this when audio is turned on:


The icon will have a slash through it when audio is turned off:


For our new Math games, after clicking Play, select the pause button (||) in the top left corner and then click Mute Sound. Click Resume to return to the game. 

If you're having trouble with the sound after turning audio on, please try clearing your cache following the steps in this FAQ.

Lumosity app for iPad and iPhone

Currently, there is no mute setting on the Lumosity app for iPad and iPhone, so you won’t be able to mute Lumosity without silencing or turning down the volume on your device. The apps are controlled by the master volume setting on your phone. Turning the volume all the way down or using the mute switch will ensure that the app and your device will remain silent.

Lumosity app for Android

You can mute the game background music and sound effects. Tap More and then Settings. You can toggle the background music and sound effects separately. On is red with the slider on the right, and Off is grey with the slider to the left. Please note, some games only have a sound effects and there is not always a separate background music track. If you do not see this option, make sure to update the app.

If you are having trouble with the sound on your mobile device and your device volume is turned up, please follow the troubleshooting steps in this FAQ.


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