Can I use the same email for multiple accounts?

Each Lumosity account must be tied to a unique email address. There is no way around this restriction.


Creating a new email address

You can create a new email address for free through providers like Gmail or Yahoo, then sign up for Lumosity using that new address. Or, if you are already using Gmail, you can create a Lumosity account with a variation of your email address.


Creating variations of your email address in Gmail

If you use Gmail, you can add "+" and some text to your email address when creating a new Lumosity account. Messages will go to your original email address, but you’ll be able to have multiple Lumosity accounts.

For example, suppose you have the email address, and you share it with your spouse. If your spouse wants their own Lumosity account, they can use or In this example, “jane” can be replaced with any text; just make sure to put it between the + and the @. Mail to any of these variations will go to


Using the same email on multiple devices

You should use the same Lumosity account every time you train, whether you train online, on a mobile device, or on a tablet. Just log into your existing account - using the same email address - on all devices. Your membership will sync across devices. 

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