Why am I not receiving Training Reminder Emails?

Training Reminders are optional emails sent to remind you to complete your daily training. Please note that if you have not received a reminder for any reason you can still access your training session at ANY time by going directly to our website.

If you haven’t received a reminder, it is likely due to one of the following:

You are not subscribed to Training reminders

Training Reminders will be sent only on the days you have selected. Make sure you are signed up by going to your Training Reminder preferences page.

Please be aware that if you recently re-subscribed after a lapse in your subscription, you will need to re-select the days reminders are delivered.

You have already completed your daily training session

Training Reminders are intended to prompt you to play. This means no reminder will be sent if your daily training session has been completed. If you start a training session after midnight on the current day (even if you access that session via the previous day's reminder), your workout for the day will be marked as complete and you will not be sent a reminder.

You have the incorrect time zone on your account

The time zone you have set on your account will affect when sessions are marked as complete. To ensure that sessions are recorded correctly and that reminders sent at the correct time, we recommend checking that you have the correct time zone by visiting your Account page.

Reminders are going to spam or to another folder

If Training Reminders are arriving in junk mail or spam, marking them as "safe" or "not junk" should allow future emails to go directly to your inbox. We also recommend adding the email addresses info@email.lumosity.com and newsletter@email.lumosity.com to your contact list(s).

Additionally, if you are a Gmail user, we recommend checking your Promotions or Updates tab(s). You can find information regarding how to manage the tabs in your Gmail inbox here.

A delivery failure has caused you to be dropped from our email list

If none of the above apply, one last possible reason that emails are not arriving is that we are experiencing a delivery failure when emailing you.

If we have encountered a delivery failure, you will notice that your Training Reminder preferences do not remain saved, even after you re-select them.

If you suspect your delivery has been interrupted du e to delivery failure, you will need to email us directly for further assistance.

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