How do I take advantage of a promotion or discount?

Promotions are offered via email for those who have opted in to our Newsletter. If you have received a promotional email, you must purchase using the link provided before the promotion expires. Please note that the link is particular to your account, so forwarding a promotion will not work.

(Sometimes third-party sites publish "discount codes" that are not in fact valid codes. We do not have any control over what those sites publish and are sorry for any confusion they cause.)

Was My Discount Applied?

Please consult the receipt we sent via email to confirm your discount.

Here's an example of what the emailed receipt looks like:



The Billing Amount is the amount you have just paid for your discounted subscription. Beneath this, you will see the Next Billing Date and Next Billing Amount. This indicates the charge for the renewal, when your current subscription period has ended.

Renewals automatically occur at a subscription's regular price.

You can learn how to turn off auto-renewal by visiting this FAQ.

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