Why isn’t Organic Order accepting my answer?

How do I play Organic Order?

Organic Order is a game designed to exercise logical reasoning. You will be planting seeds in a garden, and you need to follow a set of given rules when planting the seeds. Fruit and vegetable seed packets will appear on a shelf, and you need to drag them onto numbered spots in a garden. After you've arranged all the seeds in the proper order, click Submit.  

When a rule states that one item must be to the left of another, it does not mean that the item must be to the immediate left - you can place the item in any spot that is to the left of that item.

If you're playing Organic Order for the first time, and the Submit button is greyed out, make sure to drag all of the seed packets on top the numbered spots, so that there are no numbers visible. The button will not work until all items have been placed on top of the numbered spots. 

Why can't I move an item?

In some rounds, you will find that there are items that have already been planted. You cannot move an item that has already been planted and is locked in place. Planted items will appear with a brown border.

How do I follow rules starting with "If'?

Some of the rules have 2 parts. You should organize the items so that the statements are correct. Some of the statements beginning with "If" may not be possible, so you'll need to arrange the items so that the rule does not need to be followed. Make sure that you arrange the items so that the first part of the sentence is not true, so that the 2nd part of the statement does not need to be followed.

For example let's take the statement-- "If Carrot is in position 2, then Corn must be in position 3." Corn has to be in position 3 only if Carrot is in position 2. Another way to look at it is, if Carrot is not in position 2, then Corn doesn't have to be in position 3 and you can place Carrot in position 1 instead and place Corn anywhere for the statement to still be true. So this layout is correct:



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