Speed Pack Instructions

The goal of Speed Pack is to ensure the camera doesn't overlap with other objects when the suitcase closes. You must anticipate where the other items might end up when the suitcase closes to avoid an overlap with the camera. 


Here we have a suitcase which folds twice:


The difficulty with this game is visualizing where everything goes when the suitcase folds closed. Here is where each item would go if folded:
As you can see, the only empty spot you have to place the camera is in the top-left. The correct move is putting the camera in the spot marked by the X, which occupies the empty spot in the middle when folded.

Scoring and Leveling

You earn points each time you correctly place the camera in the suitcase. You’re not deducted any points for making an error (so move quickly to earn more points!) The number of points you receive for placing the camera depends on the level you’re currently playing on. The level you end a game of Speed Pack on is the level that you start at in your next game. Your level can change during the game, though. So, it’s possible to get the same number correct but have different scores.

The level you play at depends on 2 things:

  1. How quickly you place the camera. Answering more quickly allows you to level up and get more points per suitcase.
  2. Whether you get any mistakes. Making a mistake lowers your level which causes you to earn less points per suitcase.
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