Word Snatchers Instructions

In Word Snatchers, you're given scrambled words with the mission to unscramble them. Along with the scrambled word you're given a synonymous definition that provides an additional clue for the word.

You must use your keyboard to type out the letters of the word, however, you can also click the letters. If you type or click the wrong letter, then must either hit the backspace or delete key.

You have to be quick though, as there are aliens trying to abduct the letters before you can solve the mystery!

If you're having difficulties visualizing the word in the jumble, then you can hit the space key to shuffle them. If you're still having difficulties with the word, then you can get a hint by hitting the shift key.

Scoring and Levels

You earn points for entering words based on your speed and your level.

Hints deduct points. The amount deducted for a hint is the number of points earned for the word divided by twice the number of hints. For example, if you use 1 hint, then you earn half the points for the word. If you use 2 hints, then you earn a quarter of the points for the word.

You don't earn any points if the word is not solved.

Shuffling the letters has no effect on the score. There is not a specific score required to reach each level.

You need to answer quickly and accurately, and cover enough words to unlock a new level. You may need to play through several games and do well to reach another level.

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