Speed Match Instructions

(This article covers instructions for Speed Match, Speed Match Overdrive, and Spatial Speed Match.)

In the Speed Match family of games the goal is to remember the previous card shown and select whether or not the next card matches the previous card. The cards are shown face-up on the right pile and face-down on the left pile. It’s helpful to think of the left pile as the “discard” pile, while the pile on the right is still “in play.” (However, on the mobile app, you only see one card but it moves from right to left.)

If the cards match, tap the right arrow key to indicate "Yes". If the cards don’t match, then tap the left arrow key to indicate "No". (If playing on mobile, then tapping either "Yes" or "No" at the bottom.) In Speed Match Overdrive, if the cards match partially then tap the down arrow key to indicate "Partially".

If playing on mobile, however, you should have 3 circles at the bottom of the screen: one outline of a circle, one circle filled halfway, and one completely filled circle. Tap the outline of a circle for "No", the halfway filled circle for "Partially", and the completely filled circle for "Yes".

Make sure to answer both quickly and accurately to reach higher scores and levels.

Speed Match

In Speed Match you only need to determine if the symbols are the same.



Speed Match Overdrive

In Speed Match Overdrive you need to determine if BOTH the symbol AND the color are the same; if only one is, that is when you would press the down arrow key for "Partially" (or tap the halfway filled circle for "Partially".)


Spatial Speed Match

In Spatial Speed Match, you're given patterns of circles with some filled and some empty. Your goal is to correctly indicate if the patterns match.



Tap the corresponding arrow keys to answer. If playing on mobile, then tap either "Yes" or "No" at the bottom of the screen.

Scoring & Levels

In all of the Speed Match family of games the scoring remains the same. Four dots can be seen in the top-right corner of the game screen (only for web-version of the game. For mobile, the score is numeric.) Each correct answers fills a dot. Once the last dot is filled, you increase the score multiplier to a maximum of 10. On an incorrect answer your dots empty. If none of the dots are filled and you answer incorrectly, then you decrease a multiplier level.

For each correct answer you get 50 points times the multiplier level. So, at level one you earn 50 points per correct answer and at the maximum multiplier level of ten you earn 500 points per correct answer.

At the end of the match you net 250 points times the multiplier level you ended on.



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