Rotation Matrix Instructions

The goal of Rotation Matrix is to remember the highlighted tiles (just like in Memory Matrix). The tiles you need to remember are colored in teal and flip back over after a few moments.The top-left corner of the game screen shows you how many tiles need to be selected.


There is a catch, however, after the tiles flip back over the entire game board rotates! Meaning you have to not only remember which tiles were teal, but also have to locate them in relation to the new board positioning.

A red-orange "X" appears if you select an incorrect tile.


Scoring & Levels

You earn 250 points for every tile remembered correctly. You earn a bonus of 100 points for each tile you remember correctly. If you miss a tile, then you don’t earn those bonus points.

Memory Matrix starts you with 3 fewer tiles than you had at the end of the last game. If you don't make any mistakes in one trial, then in the next trial you get 1 more tile to remember. If you miss 1 tile, however, then you get the same number of tiles. If 2 or more tiles are missed, then you get 1 fewer tile in the following trial.

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