Tidal Treasures Instructions

The goal of Tidal Treasures is to remember items you previously saw and recall them accurately in the subsequent screens. When you begin, you’re presented with several items such as a beach ball, a sea shell, and a snail. Tap on an item of your choice, but remember not to tap on that same item twice within the round.

If you select the same item twice within the same round, then you receive a red "X" and move onto the next round (out of 3). A summary of the items you selected are displayed at the end of each round. The item you selected twice is outlined in white.

There is a maximum of 35 items per each round. If you each this maximum, then you're sent to the next round. However, it's not required to hit this maximum to make it to the next round.


Starting off we have three ocean objects to choose from. We can select any of them as we haven't selected anything before. So, let's choose the jellyfish!

After selecting, the sea washes back over the shore and leaves us with new objects. Out of these four choices, we wouldn't want to select the jellyfish as we've already selected it this round. Instead, let's click on the hermit crab this time.
Once again, a wave comes and deposits new objects on the beach. This time two out of the five options we've already selected are present. Let's choose the Dungeness crab!

And as the sea does, it washes away the old and brings in the new... and old. This cycle repeats with you having to select items washed up on the beach you haven't already selected before. As more and more items are added things become more difficult. The round ends either when you select an item you've already selected before (like the jellyfish in the first round) or when you've collected 35 unique ocean objects. For this example, let's say we selected the jellyfish twice in the round:

Remember, when you select a repeated item in the round a red "X" appears over the screen indicating your choice was incorrect. The above image is the screen that shows you what item you selected each round. The double-selected object is always highlighted with a white outline. This screen also shows you the score you earned for that round.

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You earn 500 points per correct answer. Additionally, after each round you can earn a bonus of 100 points multiplied by the number of correctly selected items. In the example above, in Round One we selected 3 objects correctly for a total of 300 bonus points (100 x 3 x 1). If instead we were on Round 3, then we would have received 900 bonus points (100 x 3 x 3).

The maximum score for Tidal Treasures is 73,500.

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