Top That Instructions

Welcome to "Top That" from Lumosity Studios in beautiful San Francisco! The fictional game show where the goal is to win the most expensive fictional prize in the time limit!

You want to exercise your estimation skills to make sure you're always choosing the highest value in the quickest time!

When you're called down to begin the game, you start with $0.00 and are shown the value of three prizes:


You must select the highest value prize. Once selected, it replaces your current monetary value shown at the top. As you have limited time, you want to ensure you're always choosing the highest-valued prize; in this case $0.26.

Selecting the highest value prize results in a winning ding and flashing lights, indicating that your selection is the correct option. 

While things might start off easy with simple dollar amounts shown, your prizes gets larger the further in the game you get. In higher levels, you encounter more difficult scenarios when prize amount modifiers are added!


Above, you can see the 3 listed prizes with multipliers attached to each one. The dollar amount is multiplied by whichever number is shown. You want to be quick on your toes and quickly estimate the highest value prize. Prizes also periodically swap out for different ones; which might be higher or lower in relation to the original choices and your current prize money amount. You definitely don't want switch to a lesser value prize, since that'd be like winning your weight in red snapper but swapping it out for a box with nothing in it! So, if you get into a situation like that, you must to wait for the new prize options to be swapped in.

Below are some other examples prize price modifiers you might see:




You can review instructions for any of our games at any time. On the website, click How to Play before starting the game. Or, during the game, clicking the pause (II) button in the top-left corner and then selecting How to Play.

In the mobile app, then tap the question mark (?) to the left of the Play button before starting. Or, during the game, tap pause (II) at the top-left of the screen and then tap How To Play from the menu that appears.

Scoring & Levels

While the overall goal in Top That is to get the highest prize amount available, your actual score is based on how accurate your selections are and the difficulty level the trade was accomplished at.

Accuracy in this context means selecting the "best" option. The "best" option must be the highest value out of all available options including the already-earned prize money. Choosing a low pick, one that is lower than your current prize, nets you zero points.

The higher levels are the ones that start throwing higher numbers and many different prize modifiers at you. You progress to higher, more difficult levels by making accurate trades with the rate increasing when you make many accurate trades in a row. You drop in level when you trade for levels that are worth less than your current prize.

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