Pet Detective Instructions

Game Instructions

The challenge of Pet Detective is to drop off the animals at their homes without running out of fuel. This is accomplished by selecting the shortest route possible. Move the car by selecting the animal or house as the destination. It counts as a move each time you pass over a section of the road (marked by a • dot.) You want to finish dropping off the pets by making the least amount of moves as possible.

If you run out of fuel before returning the pets to their homes, then you know a more efficient route with less moves could have been taken. Please note, you can’t select a house if you don’t have a pet for that house in your car. You also can’t collect a pet if you already have 4 pets in the car.

You can reset the game if you see that you’re about to run out of gas. Just select the Reset icon in the bottom-right corner. Keep an eye on the gas meter at the top as it counts down the amount of fuel you have left. Be sure to reset before the gas meter reaches 0 so you can try a different route. 

You can review instructions for any of our games at any time. Simply click on the question mark (?) at the bottom of the game screen (located next to the pause (II) button.) A pop-up appears asking if you want to learn how to play.

If you’re playing on our app, then tap the question mark (?) to the left of the Play button before starting. Or, during the game, just tap pause (II) at the top-left of the screen and then tap How To Play from the menu that appears.

Scoring & Levels

Each pet is worth 1000 points. At the end of each level, you receive a bonus based on time remaining and level difficulty. Failing to return a pet does not subtract from your score.

You earn:
1000 points for each pet returned to its home
2000 points times the game level
Time bonus starts at 3000, and 10 points are subtracted per second spent solving routes

Because of the bonus for the level, you can earn more points when you reach a higher level even if you do not return all the pets.

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