Raindrops Instructions

Game Instructions

The goal of Raindrops is to solve each math problem inside each raindrop before the it reaches the bottom of the screen.

Web Input Instructions

Be sure to type the answers using the number strip or number pad on your keyboard. The answer displays in the box on the bottom of the screen as you type. Hit your Enter key to submit your answer. Use the Backspace/Delete key to erase the numbers before hitting enter if you make a mistake.

Mobile Input Instructions

There is an in-game numerical keyboard that you must use to enter in the answers. Simply tap the numbers and then Enter to submit your answer. Tap the encircled "X" logo located where your tapped numbers appear to erase the numbers.

Raindrops that share solutions are all popped at the same when answered correctly. For example, if you have a raindrop with the equation "10 minus 5" and a raindrop with "4 plus 1", then entering in "5" solves both equations and pops both raindrops.

Additionally, solving suns pops all raindrops on the screen to give you a breather. It also doesn’t count against you if the sun reaches the water. 

Scoring & Levels

You earn 500 points for every correct answer. The answer input freezes for a short period of time if you answer several times incorrectly. This penalty may cause other raindrops to reach the bottom before you can solve them. The game ends when three (3) raindrops reach the waterline. The speed at which the raindrops fall increases with each correct response. Missing a raindrop has the opposite effect; it decreases the speed at which the raindrops fall.

If you solve the equation in the sun, then you earn 500 points just as you do for the other equations. However, you don't get the points for all the other raindrops that are popped.

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