Follow That Frog Instructions

Game Instructions

The goal of Follow That Frog is to remember the path the orange frog moves along and recreate it.

When the game starts, the orange frog jumps across several lily pads (all in one turn.) Your turn begins only after the orange frog finishes jumping. You can only move one lily pad per turn and must remember the rest of the path for the following turns. You can’t move again until the orange frog has stopped jumping. The better you do, the farther ahead the orange frog is from you, which increases the challenge of the game.

Because Follow That Frog is a memory game, and not a speed game, your frog won’t be able to immediately follow after the orange one. The lily pad turns a slightly different color when you're hovering over it and it's available to click. You’re not scored on how quickly you follow the frog but rather how accurately you follow the frog.

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Scoring & Levels

The game always starts with the orange frog jumping 2 spaces ahead. After you successfully make 4 jumps, the orange frog then starts to jump 3 hops ahead. Then, after 5 more correct jumps, the orange frog's path goes up to 4 hops ahead. If you're able to follow the orange frog for another 30 jumps, then it goes to a whopping 5 hops ahead! After that, as the game ends after 60 jumps, you arrive right near the end.

You start off scoring 500 points for every correct jump. The points per correct jump go up from 500 to 750 after 20 consecutive accurate jumps.

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