Memory Serves Instructions

In Memory Serves, you play as a hotel bellhop collecting suitcases and dropping them off at the appropriate hotel rooms. You ride up in an elevator from the lobby and automatically stop to pick up different colored luggage sitting on the left along the way.

As the elevator ascends, keep an eye out for guests asking for their luggage on the right. You should see a speech balloon on the right with suitcases shown inside. The suitcases inside the speech balloon indicate the specific luggage the guest needs. For example, you see a speech balloon with two blue suitcases inside. You just picked up two blue suitcases on the previous floor. You should stop the elevator to deliver the luggage to the guest. You need to remember the types of luggage that you've collected and stop the elevator when you need to drop them off. You can stop the elevator by pressing the space bar on your keyboard. On mobile, use the TAP to deliver button to stop the elevator and deliver the luggage.



You may come across guests asking for luggage that you know you don’t have. Simply sit and wait a few moments for the elevator to move past that floor. After the elevator starts to move, you should see a green checkmark indicating that you were correct. Keep in mind that if guests request more luggage than you have, then you should not do a partial delivery. For example, if you have 1 blue suitcase, and the guest asks for 2 blue suitcases, you should not deliver the 1 suitcase.

If you make an error and stop the elevator to drop off luggage you don’t have, then you see a red "X" and the guest says "I don't need those bags." The elevator remains still for 3 seconds after making a mistake. During this time, you can choose to view the suitcases you currently have by pressing the space bar. The elevator doors slide open to reveal what's currently inside. Press the space bar again to continue with the game.

If you miss dropping off luggage on a floor, then the elevator moves back down and the bags are automatically dropped off. You should see a red "X" and hear the exasperated "Hey!" of the guest indicating you missed their stop. Just like when you stop at the wrong floor, the elevator pauses for 3 seconds and you have the option to view how many suitcases you currently have.


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Scoring & Levels

The points you earn per bag depends on a few factors including; the number of bags you deliver, the type of bags you deliver, how close the pick up and drop off floors are, and how recently you had zero items in the elevator. These points are multiplied by 10 times your level.

The difficulty increases with each new level you unlock. Higher levels include more bags to drop off, more varying types of bags, and a faster-moving elevator. You earn additional bonus points at the end of the game which equal to 200 times your current level.

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