Halve Your Cake instructions

Halve Your Cake helps you practice your comparative arithmetic skills by baking delicious treats. This includes comparing, converting, and manipulating fractions, decimals, and percentages.

You need to measure ingredients, set times, and complete other mathematical equations to progress. You must drag a slider to fill in a number of segments to match the given fraction. The number you need to solve for is indicated by a yellow number. Once you start dragging the slider, the answer you’re submitting is shown in the brown box. After figuring out the equation, click to submit your answer. 


On mobile, swipe for your answer then click submit. 


If you’re ever stuck on a problem, then select the question mark icon to the right of the card to see a tip on solving the problem. We won't provide the solution itself, but rather the tip explains how to do the arithmetic. Some tips have multiple steps, so you should press the arrow on the right to scroll through, and click Done to return to the game.



You can review instructions for any of our games at any time. Select How to Play before starting the game, or on mobile, tap the question mark (?) to the left of the Play button. During the game, just select the pause (II) button in the top-left corner and then select How to Play.

Scoring & Levels

The points awarded are based on the difficulty of the problem. If you answer correctly on the 2nd try, you'll earn half the points you'd earn on the 1st try. You do not gain or lose points for answering incorrectly twice. If you answer more quickly, you'll see more problems and therefore earn more points. You'll also earn a 1000 bonus points times your difficulty level - so if you're on the 2nd level (plate), you'll earn 2000 bonus points, added at the end of the game.

You need to answer enough problems to earn at least 1 diamond in order to advance to the next level. The number of problems required depends on the level you’re currently playing on. A progress bar indicating the number of problems required for each diamond at that level is displayed at the very end of the game. Halve Your Cake features 12 levels to achieve.

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