Highway Hazards Instructions

Input Method – Keyboard
In Highway Hazards, you need to use the left and right arrow keys (or the A and D keys) on your keyboard to move the car from lane to lane.
The game shows signs at the top of the screen to warn you of obstacles ahead. Each sign shows 3 lanes and a corresponding symbol to indicate an obstruction in one of the 3 lanes. You definitely want to avoid those obstructions, so use your arrow keys to switch your car to a safer lane.
Highway Hazards obstacles include rough patches of road, tumbleweeds, and even other racers! Avoid collisions with these objects to increase your speed.
Rough Patch – slows you down considerably, but not completely, if you accidentally hit a rough patch make sure you change lanes as quick as possible!

Tumbleweed - These tricky treats come up fast and stop you completely in your tracks! Once you hit one your speed hits zero.
tumble1.png  tumble2.png

Other racers – Similar to tumbleweeds, but do not include a warning sign. If you accidentally rear-end one of the other hapless racers your speed hits zero. Luckily, you can see them in the distance.


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Scoring & Levels

Your score is dependent on your average speed during a game. The score equals your average speed times 1000 (rounded to the nearest tens place.) You need to have a higher average speed to earn a higher score.

Each game starts at a speed based on your performance in the previous game. Avoiding collisions raises the average speed and the curve of acceleration. A collision lowers the average speed immediately, but also lowers it over time by reducing the curve of acceleration.

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