Feel the Beat instructions

Feel the Beat exercises your sense of timing and rhythm. You must rely on the audio cues and use your sense of rhythm to match the beat in each trial. There are 4 trials each lasting about 45 seconds.

As you might’ve guessed, audio is required for this game. Feel the Beat displays a pattern of icons that run clockwise around a pair of rings. These icons represent buttons on your keyboard that you need to press when following along with the beat. The game typically only uses the D, F, J, and K keys on your keyboard. Pink icons indicate the use of your right hand while blue icons indicate the use of your left. Rest both hands on the home row for best performance (use the little nubs on the F and J keys to help you align!)



When playing on mobile, numbered buttons appear on your screen underneath the pair of rings. In early levels, you only need to hit one numbered button (the pink 1 button) in sync with the beat.

At higher levels, the game uses a pink 1 on the left and a blue 2 on the right to indicate the beat. Tap the buttons in sync with the beat to achieve higher scores and move on to the next level.



If you lose the beat, wait a moment to get a sense of the rhythm, and begin again when you've got it back. If you don't tap a key for a few moments, the game plays the drum beat and shows an animation to help you get back on track.

Moving your body also helps to find and keep the tempo. Tap your foot and move to the groove! Or count off an even beat in your head (1,2,3,4) to find the tempo. 

You can review instructions for any of our games at any time. On a computer, click How to Play before starting the game. Or, during the game, clicking the pause (II) button in the top-left corner and then selecting How to Play.

In the app, then tap the question mark (?) to the left of the Play button before starting. Or, during the game, tap pause (II) at the top-left of the screen and then tap How To Play from the menu that appears.

Scoring & Levels

You earn points based on each beat you hit. You earn bonus points at the end of the trial for each beat you hit accurately. Points are also determined by the level difficulty of the stage; the higher the stage, the more points you earn.

Timing is the biggest performance factor affecting your score. Of course, level difficulty and bonus points also affect the overall score. You unlock a new level only if you achieve an accuracy of 80% or higher. Accuracy is measured by the timing of the beats. Each new level has added rhythm complexity and some introduce new drums or musical concepts.

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