Assist Ants instructions

Assist Ants is designed to challenge your Divided Attention. You need to ensure the safety of each ant by helping them avoid collisions. When you anticipate a collision, tap the screen in the spot you want to place a raindrop. The raindrop gently bumps the ants away from the danger and in a new direction. You can also place raindrops on top of ants to temporarily protect them, but this stops them from collecting seeds for a short period of time. Ants trapped in raindrops also prevent you from leveling up.

Raindrops soak into the ground shortly after being placed. You can only place a limited number of raindrops based on your level. The oldest raindrops disappear when you pass that limit.

As you reach higher levels additional items are introduced. Some are safe obstacles, such as mushrooms and dandelions. The ants bounce off these objects and change course but won’t drop their seeds. Some items are hazardous, such as beetles, which do cause the ants to drop their seeds. Make sure to place raindrops to bounce ants (rather than beetles) to prevent them from colliding with beetles. Beetles barrel right through any raindrops placed in their path.

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(You can review what each obstacle does by clicking on the corresponding icon on the level selection screen.)


Ants lose a seed every time they collide with one another, and losing seeds results in you losing points. The more seeds your ants collect, the more points you receive.

A good strategy is to place a raindrop in front of the ants in advance before collide rather than waiting until the last second. Waiting until the last possible second may result in accidentally trapping them (and slowing seed collection.) Try to bounce ants with your raindrops to keep them each in a separate area of the screen. This reduces the chances of multiple ants colliding in one area.

You can review instructions for any of our games at any time. On a computer, click How to Play before starting the game. Or, during the game, clicking the pause (II) button in the top-left corner and then selecting How to Play.

In the app, then tap the question mark (?) to the left of the Play button before starting. Or, during the game, tap pause (II) at the top-left of the screen and then tap How To Play from the menu that appears.

Scoring & Levels

Your score is based on how many seeds your ants collect and the difficulty of that particular game of Assist Ants. You earn a certain number of points per seed based on your playing level:

Levels 1-4 you earn 300 points per seed
Levels 5-7 you earn 350 points per seed
Levels 8-10 you earn 400 points per seed

The difficulty increases with each new level you unlock. Ants move faster and more obstacles appear at higher levels. You earn more points as you reach higher levels, and the number of points you earn for difficulty can vary depending on the complexity of that particular game.

At the end of the game, you're alerted if you unlocked a new level, or you're shown the number of seeds you need to collect next time in order to unlock a new level.

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