Familiar Faces instructions

The object of Familiar Faces is to recall each customer’s name without them having to repeat it to you. The customers’ names remain the same each time you play. You, of course, won’t know a customer’s name the first time you meet them. Simply click the Submit button underneath “Hello, what’s your name?” to learn their name.



As you play through the levels, you begin to see both new customers and old customers from previous levels.  Make sure to greet old customers by name to score higher tips and move on to the next level! You can greet old customers by typing in their names underneath the “Hello again” prompt. Customer's names must be spelled correctly as you will lose tips if it's spelled incorrectly. 


The customers also order a variety of food plates and drinks. You need to drag the plate or drink to the customer that ordered it. Starting at Level 3, Familiar Faces adds another layer of difficulty by populating items none of the customers ordered. When this happens, simply drag and drop these items over to the Send Back plate located at the bottom-left of the game screen.


You can review instructions for our games at any time. Simply click the pause (II) button in the top left of the game screen and then How to Play in the pause menu.

Scoring & Levels

You earn points by remembering customers' names correctly and serving them the correct order. Each cent of tipped earn is a single point. So, if you earn $80.00 in tips, then your score for that round is 8000 points.

Familiar Faces only has 8 levels and a maximum score of 110,400. There’s a total of 70 characters to remember throughout the game.

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