What are Insights?

Premium members can unlock Insights, which provide personalized reports based on your game performance. 

How do I find Insights?

At the top of the website, click Insights. On the app, tap the Insights tab. Make sure the app is up to date. Your device will need to be set to English to show all of the Insights.

Your Occupation Profile

To unlock your Occupation Profile, you'll need to play these games: Brain Shift, Chalkboard Challenge, Organic Order, Pinball Recall, Raindrops, Speed Pack, Star Search, and Tidal Treasures. The report will then be available in the Insights section. Learn more about the Occupation Profile in this Help Center article.

Your Game Progress Report

Play any of 6 of our games to unlock this Insight. Game Progress Report allows you to track your score progress for each game. The progress starts from the first time you played that game, excluding Early Access scores. The games are listed in order of most progress to least progress, and the game with the most progress is highlighted for you. We also rank your growth by comparing your scores to the scores of other Lumosity members on the same game.

Select any game card to see a graph of your score history, including your first and last score, as well as the number of times you played the game, and a list of your top 5 scores.

Word Bubbles: Your Writer Profile

To unlock the Word Bubbles Writer Profile Insight, you'll need to play Word Bubbles 3 times. You can find the game in the Games list under the Language category. The report will then be available in the Insights section.

This Insight provides an analysis of the words you used compared to a set of authors. For each author, we selected roughly 700,000 words from 10 of their published works, then used an algorithm to identify their most characteristic words. Each time you play, we determine which author your words match most closely with based on 2 criteria: number of matches and strength of each match. The strength is determined by the word's distinctiveness and its frequency in the author's writing. Your overall rankings, however, are based only on the number of matched words. You can see how your last vocabulary matched up to an author in your last game, as well as how your vocabulary compares to authors in all your game plays in the past 6 months.

Lost in Migration: How You Filter Information

Play Lost in Migration 8 times to unlock. The report will then be available in the Insights section.

This Insight shows you how you respond to non-matching flocks compared to matching flocks. The smaller the difference, the faster you are at paying attention and filtering out the rest of the flock.

Each time you respond correctly, we measure the time you take to respond. We then calculate two median response times: one for matching flocks, another for non-matching flocks. We use these medians to determine your speed, expressed as the number of correct responses per minute. The results are calculated from your 3 most recent games. We then show where your results compares to members your age.

Disillusion: Your Play Style

To find out your Play Style, play Disillusion 5 times! This Insight provides an analysis of your play style and shows how many moves you made that were accurate, strategic, and steady. We also provide a tip on technique based on your last game.

Train of Thought: Your Planning Skills

Play Train of Thought 8 times to unlock a Planning Skills Score! This Insight gives you a score for how far in advance you prepare the tracks to lead the trains to the correct stations. We calculate a ratio for every time you correctly switch the track, which is equal to how far in advance you tap the switch divided by how far in advance you could have tapped that switch. We form an average of all these individual measurements and compare it to that of every member on your level of Train of Thought. We provide you with this score, and show where your score compares to the planning score for members in your ten year age range. 

Ebb and Flow: Your Speed and Accuracy

Play Ebb and Flow 3 times to unlock a Speed and Accuracy Insight. We compare your Ebb and Flow gameplays to millions of others and analyze how you balance speed and accuracy when you play. If your speed percentile is higher than your accuracy percentile, your marker will be closer to the “Speed” side of the scale. If your accuracy percentile is higher, your marker will tend towards “Accuracy.” When you take on a task that challenges you to be fast and accurate, you face a “speed-accuracy tradeoff.” If you go as fast as possible, you tend to sacrifice accuracy, and vice versa. But which one is more important? It depends on the person and the task. Find the balance that works best for you!

Raindrops: Mental Math Strategies

Play Raindrops 3 times to unlock tips on solving equations in your head. This Insight shows you what types of problems you missed, what your problem trends are, and includes strategies for solving these types of problems.

Your Game Strength Profile

The Game Strength Profile offers an analysis of your Lumosity game performance. The Profile shows a ranking of games you've played within the past 6 months, based on your current Game LPIs. Whenever your Game LPIs change enough to change the rankings, your Game Strength Profile will update. To unlock the Game Strength Profile, you will need to play 6 games.

Your Monthly Gains and Drops

The Monthly Gains and Drops report is based on the changes in your LPI for each game. For each game, your most recent game LPI is compared to your game LPI from 30 days ago. Only games played at least once in the last month are included. To unlock the Monthly Gains and Drops Report, you will need to play 25 games. For further information about LPI, check out the How is LPI calculated? Help Center article.

Your Lumosity Community

People train on Lumosity all over the world, but until now there has been no way to see or learn about your Lumosity community. We wanted to let people see how they fit into their communities and how communities compare to the rest of the world. Some people use this for motivation to train more or play differently, while others like to explore different cities to see what makes each community unique. Learn more about You Lumosity Community in this Help Center article.

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