Where can I view my training history?

If you have a paid subscription to Lumosity, you can view detailed information on your recent and all-time training progress.

Currently our Lumosity apps for iOS and Android have limited features to view your training history. However, when using a mobile device you can access your training history on Lumosity.com by using your mobile web browser (for example, Safari or Chrome).

Access your Training History by clicking View your training history below the calendar on the homepage.

This page will show a summary of how many days and games you've played, and how much your LPI has changed overall and by Cognitive Area.

You can click the All Time tab to see stats for your entire history with Lumosity.

Selecting Trends will allow you to see a graph of your LPI changes over all time or over the Last 4 Weeks. The LPI for each cognitive area will be displayed in a different color, and you can click the buttons above the graph to toggle off each area. Below the graph you can see a bar chart showing the number of games played.

To view the details for a specific day, click on a point on the graph, or select a day on the calendar shown in the Training History summary. You can use the arrows next to the date to scroll through the details for each day. On the Details of the Day page you can see the highest score earned that day, the Game LPIs, the change in your LPIs, and labels for scores that were Personal Best or Top 5 scores.

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