Where are the free games?

As a free user you can play 3 games per day as long as you have an account with us. You can replay those 3 games as many times as you'd like via the Games tab.

On a computer, go to Lumosity.com. Log in if prompted, then click “Start Training.”

On an iPhone or iPad, you'll need to install the Lumosity app in the App Store.

On an Android, you'll need to install the Lumosity app in the Play Store.

If you've just finished the Fit Test or a workout, you can go to the Games tab to play the games again. You'll get a new set each day.

What is included in a free membership?

Basic (free) membership includes 3 free games as part of your daily training session. The games rotate daily, so you’ll get to experience a balanced set of games without purchasing a subscription. 

I see "Welcome to your Fit Test"

The free Fit Test must be completed before you start regular training. If you see a calibrate button, you need to finish your Fit Test. For more information on the Fit Test, see How do I take the Fit Test?. After you've completed your Fit Test, you'll be able to play games on the Games page, or on an iPad, iPhone, or Android, you'll be able to access free games on the Games tab with the Lumosity app.

If you are having a different issue which is preventing you from accessing your free training, please email us!


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