How do I tell when my subscription ends?

If you aren't sure when your paid subscription is due to expire or renew, you can look at your Account page to find out. (Please note that if you paid via Google Play or iTunes, your subscription is managed through their website, not ours, so you will have no payment information on file with us; however, you can verify how you paid by going to your Payment History here.)

To reach your Account page on the website, log in to your Lumosity account, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click on Account Settings. If auto-renewal is not scheduled, you will see a line that tells you the date that your full site access will end.

If auto-renewal is scheduled, you will see a Billing Information section that indicates the next renewal date. If you wish to cancel automatic renewal or need more information about whether you will be charged, please see our article "Will I Be Charged?" here.

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