Where's my refund?

If a Lumosity agent processed a refund for you more than 5 business days ago, please ensure that you are looking at the correct statement. If you paid by Paypal, the refund will post to your Paypal account balance, not the bank or card that supplies money to your Paypal account. 

Typically, if a refund has taken more than 5 business days to post to a credit card, then the delay is on the card issuer's end, as the funds leave our system the day we issue the refund. You may want to check with them to determine the reason for the delay and the expected date of the credit. However, if your card issuer cannot confirm that a refund is on its way, please Email Us and an agent will check for you!

You can also view your Payment and Refund History by logging in and going to your Payment History page.

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