How can I take the NeuroCognitive Performance Test (NCPT)?

The NeuroCognitive Performance Test (NCPT) is a set of assessments that test your skills using tasks independent of the games. By taking the tests, you’ll be contributing to our research efforts to improve Lumosity and our assessments.

Where can I find the NCPT?

Mac and PC Computers

The NCPT is available for Premium members on the Tests tab.

Mobile Devices

The NCPT is not currently available on iPhones or Androids. However, Premium members can access the NCPT on the website while using a Mac or Windows computer. You can find the NCPT on the Tests tab here.

When is the NCPT offered?

Subscribers will be offered a NCPT when they first begin training, and again every 90 days from their last test.

Can I practice the NCPT?

We don’t have any assessments available for practice because taking the test between assessments could skew scores.

What if there was an issue with my NCPT?

If you encountered an issue with the NCPT, please contact our Customer Support Team. Additionally, if you’re having trouble loading the NCPT, you may find this article helpful.

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