What progress will you share if I am a part of the Weekly Family Challenge?

The purpose of the Family Plan Weekly Challenge is to enable families to work together in meeting a collective goal and thereby motivating all of the members in the Family Plan to train on Lumosity.

At this time, the Weekly Challenge involves the number of days members played at least game per week. In the future, there may be other challenges to keep it exciting and fun, such as game scores.

What we currently share:

If you choose to opt into the Weekly Challenge, the following information will be shared with other members on your Family Plan who are participating in the Weekly Challenge:

  • Number of days you trained this week
  • Your first name

What we may share:

As we continue to develop new challenges, the following information may also be shared in the future:

  • Games played
  • Game scores
  • Your username and email address

If we develop new features that share Lumosity Performance Index (LPI) or LPI percentiles among your Family Plan members, we’ll ask you for your permission.

For further information about your privacy see our Privacy Policy.

Click here for instructions on how to opt out of the Weekly Family Challenge.

You may opt out of the challenge at any time. To do so, please log in to your account here. From your Lumosity homepage, click your name in the upper right-hand corner to open a drop-down menu. From this menu, choose Account Settings:

In the Family Sharing or Family Plan Management section, select the "OFF" option next to "Share training activity with family members."

Please contact us here if you require further assistance!

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