I purchased a subscription using the Lumosity app; why am I being asked to unlock full access?

If you’ve purchased a subscription through the Lumosity app on your iPhone/iPad or Android device, yet don't have full access, it could be that you aren't logged in to the same account that you used to subscribe. Subscriptions are applied to the Lumosity account you were logged in to at the time of purchase.

To confirm which account you’re logged into on an Android:

     1. Tap "..." 

     2. Tap "Settings"

     3. Find the email address listed under "Email."

To confirm which account you're logged into on an iPhone:

     1. Tap "More"

     2. Tap "Your Account"

     3. Find the email address listed under "Email." Please double check that the spelling is correct.

If you can't locate your subscription, check the Lumosity emailed purchase confirmation; it will have been sent to the email address associated with your subscribed account. Please note that this Lumosity purchase confirmation email is different from the iTunes or Google Play purchase confirmation emails.

If you cannot find the Lumosity purchase confirmation email, please Email Us and provide all of the information from your iTunes or Google Play receipt.

You can find instructions on recovering your iTunes receipt here.

You can find instructions on recovering your Google Play receipt here.


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