How do I enter and view my mood and sleep information?

You will be prompted to enter your mood and sleep information each time you begin a new training session. These questions are optional so if you do not wish to answer them simply click the Next button to begin your training session. 

To view an overview of your mood and sleep data, click Your Stats at the top of the website homepage. Scroll down to view graphs of your mood and sleep responses as a bar graph. If you hover over each bar, you can see the number of entries for each value. There is not a way to hide or reset this data.

At this time we do not have a feature to compare your mood and sleep data alongside your LPI data.

If you do not wish to receive the mood and sleep survey, on web you can opt out of it in your Training Preferences. Scroll down until you see "Mood and Sleep Trends" and uncheck the box next to "Track mood and sleep trends." You can always re-check this option if you decide you'd like to see the survey again.

On mobile, just skip the survey, and after doing this a 3 times in a row, we'll ask if you prefer to opt out. To start seeing the survey again, just reinstall the app

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