Do Language Games Have an LPI?

The Language area is designed to build your vocabulary and train your reading skills. Language skills differ from our other Cognitive Training sections, so these games also don’t properly correlate to the LPI metric. To accurately reflect a member's improvement in this category, we designed a new stat that tracks the number of words covered in our Language games, which can be found in the Stats section.


The Language stat counts the unique words covered in the following language games:

  • Continuum: All words in the shown sequences.
  • Editor’s Choice: The top word and all correct synonyms.
  • Contextual: The word used incorrectly and the correct replacement word.
  • Taking Root: Words formed in the second half of the game.
  • Word Snatchers: The unscrambled words.

Words previously seen in any of our Language games aren’t counted again.

Word Bubbles doesn’t count towards total words covered since it doesn’t expand your vocabulary, but rather, exercises your verbal fluency. We may provide a different stat for this game in the future.

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