Can I see individual game scores and LPIs?

You can view your Game LPIs in the Game Strength Profile on the Insights tab.

Your Game Strength Profile showcases a ranking of all the games you played in the last 6 months. This dynamic ranking is based on your most current Game LPI. You can see each game’s individual LPI listed to the right.

Your Game Strength Profile updates to reflect the new ranking whenever your Game LPIs change. If the order of the rankings changed since the last time you viewed your Profile, then a green arrow appears next to games that have gone up in ranking while a red arrow appears for games that have gone down in the ranking. A green or gray number indicates how many spots a game went up in your ranking. At the very bottom of the Insight we suggest some games you haven't played within the past 6 months.

You can view the Game LPI and highest score you earned for each game on a specific day in your Training History on the website. Navigate there by clicking on a specific date on the calendar featured on your homepage. Each day on the calendar brings you to that day’s training summary. You can track the changes in your LPI by scrolling through all the different days you’ve trained.

Be sure to check out our Help Center article on Insights for more information on the Game Strength Profile and other interesting insights.

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