What is a streak, and how is it calculated?

We've recently redesigned our homepage. With our redesigned calendar, a streak is earned when you play at least one game three days in a row. Previously, a streak was earned when you completed 3 or more consecutive training sessions. If you miss a day of training, your streak will start over after you've played 3 days in a row again. We've recalculated your streaks to count days where you played at least one game, so you may see your streak length increase.

The calendar will show a teal dot for every day you've played at least one game: 


The current streak only shows a number if you've trained for at least the past 3 days:



We're no longer displaying the total days trained in the past 4 weeks on the homepage calendar, however, you can view this information in your Training History. Learn more about Training History.

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