How is the Occupation Insight calculated? How do I find it?

To unlock your Occupation Profile under Insights, you'll need to play these games: Brain Shift, Chalkboard Challenge, Organic Order, Pinball Recall, Raindrops, Speed Pack, Star Search, and Tidal Treasures

To create the Occupation Profile, we started by analyzing game performance from over 3.8 million Lumosity members who had indicated their current occupation. We then identified common patterns in game strengths and weaknesses for nine of the most common occupations. Not all occupations are included because we may not have enough data about members in certain occupations or there may not be common patterns for certain occupations.

Your top-ranked games will not necessarily be the ones with the highest LPI, because your own strengths and weaknesses are adjusted for your age and the number of times that you've played each game. If you've played a game many times, we expect you to perform better than if you've played a game only a few times. Your match scores were determined by comparing your game strength rankings with the average rankings from each occupation. Similarities in strengths and weaknesses result in higher match scores. Lumosity strengths become clearer as you train more, so you can expect your results to become more stable over time.

If you have a weak match with an occupation, it doesn't mean that you're worse at that job. It simply means that your pattern of Lumosity strengths and weaknesses is less common for members with that occupation. (Think about a favorite teacher you had. Chances are they displayed some unique traits that made them stand out in their field.) Similarly, a strong match simply means that your pattern aligns more closely with the average pattern for members who perform that job. Actually, there are several reasons that members in the same occupation might share similar performance results in Lumosity. For instance, some occupations may appeal to people with specific strengths. Or, certain jobs may encourage people to think or develop in certain ways. The relationship between cognition and job performance is a popular area of research.

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