Why did my Cognitive LPI and Problem Solving LPI change?

We have recently separated Problem Solving and Math into different LPIs so that you can better track your progress in these two distinct areas. We have moved Raindrops and Chalkboard Challenge to our new Math section, and migrated the LPIs for these games into the Math LPI. We are currently back-populating your Problem Solving and Math LPIs in your Training History to account for the change. 

Your Problem Solving LPI and overall Cognitive LPI no longer includes your LPIs for Raindrops and Chalkboard Challenge. Math LPI is not included in the Cognitive LPI because the Math category contains knowledge based games instead of cognitive based games.

The Math LPI includes Raindrops and Chalkboard Challenge, and in the future the Math games Halve Your Cake, Top That, and Fair Chance will contribute to the Math LPI.

For further information about LPI, check out the FAQ "How is LPI calculated?

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