Flash games don't load on Edge. What do I do?

Having trouble with our new HTML5 games? See our HTML5 Help Center article.

How to Unblock and Enable Flash

If your game screen says "Adobe Flash Player is blocked" when you try and load one of our Flash based games please follow the below steps from step one; if it says "Click to enable Adobe Flash Player" please skip to step four.

Step One:

When blocked you should see a puzzle icon with a red circle and x in the right of your address bar. You'll need to click that.


Step Two:

When you click that icon a box will drop down with two options. You need to click "Manage."


Step Three:

This will open up a new Settings tab for Edge regarding site settings for Flash. You will want to switch the toggle for "Ask before running Flash" to on. After this is done close the Settings tab.


Step Four:

Click on the screen where it says "Click to enable Adobe Flash Player." This will bring up a box right below your address  bar asking if you want to allow Lumosity to run Flash. Click Allow. allowflashedge.png

And that's all there is to it! 

Please note, however, when you restart Microsoft Edge it will put a banner at the top of your page telling you that Flash support is ending with a button to turn it off. If you click this button, you'll need to go through all the steps again to unblock and enable Flash; however, if you don't click the "Turn off" button you should only need to do step four to enable Flash.




Currently, Lumosity games require Adobe Flash Player to run. Starting in Edge version 18, Flash is disabled by default and Flash settings are reset every time you revisit our site or restart the browser. We’re currently working on transitioning all of our web games to HTML5, which will fix this problem. Our more recent games are already running on HTML5.

Still having trouble loading games with Flash enabled?

We suggest trying another browser. You can use Chrome or Firefox. Just navigate to Lumosity.com and log in to access your training.


If these steps did not resolve your issue, please email us. Please let us know what troubleshooting steps you have already tried.




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