How does Lumosity for Teams work?

Lumosity for Teams is designed for groups of 10-200 members. A Team Plan is purchased by an administrator, who occupies one space on the plan. Administrators invite members to join the plan via email. (Please note that we do not currently allow children under the age of 13 to create accounts on

Memberships are only available on a monthly basis and cost $4/member/month in the US. At any time, the administrator may replace one plan member with another. Please note that Team Plans are available only in increments of 5 members (so, 10, 15...195, 200).

While we are hoping to add more reporting and team-based features in the future, Lumosity for Teams is currently set to keep team members' data private.

The administrator can look under his or her Account page to cancel future billing on the account, which will cause the subscription to expire at the end of the current billing period.

Because Lumosity for Teams and our other subscriptions have different billing structures, the purchase page will not allow you to purchase a Teams account if you currently have an active subscription. If you'd like to switch to a Teams account from a current subscription, please Email Us, and we'll help you out!

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