Why don't the pieces fit in Disillusion?

For each tile in Disillusion, you must look at the orientation of the tile to place it accurately based on the rules for that orientation.

The tile will either be:

  • Tall (the piece is taller than it is wide) OR
  • Wide (the piece is wider than it is tall)

For tall pieces, you must place the piece next to another tile with the same color. In this case, only color matters, not symbol. The tile must match the color on all sides of any pieces that it touches. Each tile will either be red, yellow, or blue. 

For wide pieces, symbol is what matters, not color! When placing a wide piece, make sure that it matches the symbol (circle, plus sign, or diamond) of all the pieces that it touches.

When placing tiles, the orientation (tall or wide) of the piece that you're matching them to doesn't matter. The only attribute you need to pay attention to on the pieces which are already placed is color (for tall pieces) or symbol (for wide pieces).

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Puzzle pieces will either be horizontal (round bits sticking out the sides) or vertical (round bits sticking out of the top and bottom).



PLEASE NOTE: The rules for horizontal and vertical apply only to the pieces you are placing.  It does not apply to the pieces you are matching them to, nor does it apply to how they are placed in the puzzle.  

For HORIZONTAL pieces, only SHAPE matters, not color. When placing a horizontal piece, make sure that it matches the shape (circle, square, or triangle) of all the pieces that it touches.

For VERTICAL pieces, only COLOR matters, not shape. When placing a vertical piece, make sure that it matches the color (red, blue, or green) of all the pieces that it touches.  

Example of HORIZONTAL placement:

Example of VERTICAL placement:

PLEASE NOTE: The puzzle pieces must also physically fit together.  The dotted lines will not appear if the puzzle pieces won't fit together- even if the shapes or colors match.

When placing pieces, you can click the piece and drag it to the space and release the mouse to place it.  Or, you can simply click the dotted outline where you want the piece to go without clicking or dragging the piece.


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